Mods please close Why is it? Do I stink or something?

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12 Years
Jun 4, 2007
Central Arkansas
Why is it that I can post something and maybe 1 person will respond but Purple Chicken (I really like the guy) or other popular people can post something and a 100 people will respond? It's like high school all over again. The popular people can sneeze and everyone in the room will offer a tissue but then someone else can have a bloody nose and no one will notice?

It really makes me just want to give up on the forum.

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Sniiiiiiiiff! Nope, don't smell anything!! It's not like high school so much and don't give up. Truth is some of the people on here have known each other for years. There's lost of back history that helps them fill in the blanks. A sense of closeness that it takes a little time to develop.

Keep putting in and you'll make friends. If it was HS all over I'd have split long ago.

And I haven't even been here that long!
I'm really sorry you feel that way. I have noticed the same thing. Try not to take it personally and don't let it get you down. Just keep on posting!
Maybe sometimes it is how the subject is worded or the time of day of the post. I have posted and nothing....then posted again, changed the subject line and got lots of help. Don't give up on the forum.
I know how you feel, Jackie. I don't post much here, but on another BB, that I have been a member of for 6 years it is the same.

Some can post about a hangnail and get 3 pages of replies. I figured out that they can tell a story better than I can. I am pretty short and to the point, can't tell a good story.
Jackiedon, I think the same thing sometimes. Like where are my replies, have you posted pics yet that usually gets folks to look, people like pics, I usually try to look at everthing I can on here. Just hang in there folks have got to get to know you. I just remind myself that Jesus has always loved me and always will, that's all that matters. God bless!
Same here... I just keep posting and maybe a little of your humor and personality begins to show and others will like you..
I know in the short time that I have been here that certain ones interest me more than others.. If I see they posted I am more likely to read and respond.

We all should be nice to newby's since we were one too.....

I like this forum and learn alot of useful info..... lilchick
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