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    Hello all. I am REALLY enjoying the site! I have my first incubator, well since I was a kid, have some eggs ordered. I already have 11 Rhode Island Reds, 4 sex links and 12 Easter eggers, all pullets except one RIR cockerel. I am making my own nipple watering system for each of my coops and already have my own PVC gravity feeders.

    I have been growing my own fodder both wheat and barley with no issues. Now that we are finally experiencing freezing temps, I bought my own grow light, dual fluorescent bulb shop light with grow light bulbs and moved the table into the shed. It's the sized of a double car garage and has space all along the bottom of the sides and backs for air but now I am getting mold on both the seed and fodder. Does this mean there is not enough air flow and if so would a fan in the shed help?

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    There are probably fungi populating the space that weren't in the old space.
    Air movement helps a great deal as does rinsing more often.

    The fan should blow across the fodder.
    I eliminated most of it by just rinsing twice as often.
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