Molt???please help


10 Years
Dec 6, 2009
How long does this last? My EE lost a bunch of feathers several wks ago. She has not laid since and she looks awful. She doesn't act herself. She tries to sleep in the nest box and she won't roost she sits. Please tell me if this is normal and how long will this go on/
It can go for a few weeks to over a month. I switch to a higher protien feed when I have hens that are molting to help them get thru it faster. You can also supplement with high protien treats like scrambled eggs or canned fish. Keep an eye on her if she's having a really hard molt since it takes a lot out of them and they can be more prone to having parasite problems when they're already run down.
Me too! One of my 2 SLW hens is blowing feathers all over the coop and not laying. Her appetite is off, so I hand feed her every evening. I have read about moulting here and learned a lot, so I am giving her scrambled egg for protein and was already giving them both boiled shrimp shells for a treat. I hold a cabbage leaf for them and tear off strips for them to eat. My moulting hen didn't eat the cabbage to start with, but will now eat it from my hand. She will also peck every morsel of Layena from my hand that she won't even look at in the feeder. I am sure I am work in progress and someday soon she will have me properly trained. But how long does moulting take?

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