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    When do silkies molt... & how often
    Every once in a while I see a bunch of feathers on the ground where they like to lay...but none of them look scruffy... they all appear to have all their feathers...I thought they got scruffy when they molted???
    they are almost 6 months old when will they start to lay??? I know silkies aren't the best layers but I can hardly wait for that first egg...

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    If they are 6 months old they are just about to lay, but with the days getting shorter they may wait until spring unless you have some lights in the coop.

    Chickens will molt in the fall, & they will not lay while they molt. But I suspect the feathers you are seeing are just normal wear & tear.

    My roo is just starting his molt & his neck is naked (not that type of roo).

    You should expect them to molt yearly, & before it gets too cold outside. You will know. They will loose a LOT of feathers & look terrible. [​IMG]
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    Thanks [​IMG]

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