Molting in Winter?

ive had a few birds go through late molts but they were almost 2 yrs old and older. one was almost completely bare and it got down to 19 for 3 days.
A couple of my hens, which are about18 months old, appear to be finishing up a molt. As a newbie I thought it was overuse by the rooster, but I think they may have been molting instead.
It's bitterly cold here today, for us, and I was most concerned about one hen, but she seems to have filled out rather quickly.
A couple of my girls have lost all of their neck feathers, and my Roo looks like he is shedding. While talking to my Vet she said it was because of the artificial daylight. She asked me if I wanted the birds for pets or as production chickens for their eggs? My answer was pets and the eggs are just a benefit. (I've already loss two birds, probably stress.) She said to cut back on the lights, gradually, and to give them a more natural winter or they may only last for about two years.
two of my hens are molting through the winter. (started in Novemeber) and coming out pretty now..
My leghorn is about 9 months old. 2 weeks ago she stopped laying and then started loosing feathers. I now see new feathers coming in and know they are molting. Thanks to this post I now konw molting in winter does happen. Thanks!
I had a hen that kept sitting in the nesting box, thinking it went broody, I kept taking it out to cool off. When I took it out it would just squat on the floor, thinking it was sick I brought it in the basement last night, when I looked at it, and pull some feathers back on her chest, I can see that its pretty bare underneath. So thinking she's molting now? Geez, we are in WI and its like -20F last couple of days. thinking she was squatting to keep warm? I hope that is the case, I will keep her in the basement until it warms up, I hope this doesn't hurt her... She just started laying eggs this last fall too...
what do you think?

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