Molting? or Bullying? HELP!

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    Hi everyone! I was hoping for a little advice for my hen Fritter. She has had her neck bare of feathers for at lest maybe 2 1/2 months? At first we thought it was bullying by the other hens but we thought it would grow back by now. Then since it didn't, we resorted to it being molting. There is a before picture and an after picture below and i was wondering if i need to do anything to help it grow back like seperate her or give her supplements and would like to know if it will even grow back! any advice is thoroughly appreciated! thanks!


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    Couple of things come to mind.....First, check her very closely for mites or lice. I know, I know! That's gross! But, she could have picked it up from wild birds....So you look down through the feathers, right next to the skin.....Under the wings and near the vent are very good areas to check. I treat with Seven Dust if I see parasites, and I would gut the coop, really sweep it out good, powder the whole thing, power all the hens, and then repeat with the hens in 10 days. That should do it. It could be a very very mild infestation.

    Next, if that's not it, you observe.....Really set and watch the girls for a good hour. This is to see if there's another hen pulling her feathers. It's quite possible this is happening. If that is the case, spray the hen's naked neck with a product called Blue Cote. Because her neck is showing, and it looks kind of pink, that is a color that really attracts attention. So if you spray the Blue Cote on her bare neck, it's bright blue color not only helps soothe the neck, but chickens aren't attracted to the color, so they may leave it alone long enought for her to grow back the feathers.

    Also, if the quills are still there, (I can't tell), then the feathers won't grow back until the next molt. If the entire feather is gone, it should grow back soon.

    Good luck to you,

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    There is a feather eater in your flock, and Fritter is her primary target. That is not the result of molting or mites. Generally the feather pluckers are the ones in the flock that appear to be in the best condition - no body picks on them.
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    Thank you both so much for your input! And yes I do have a chicken that does stand out as looking quite feathered compared to the other ones. Will blue cote help that and where can I get blue cote? can I post another picture tomorrow and you tell me if it will grow back? Thanks so much, I'm just worried about her because she is the sweetest one in the flock [​IMG]

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