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  1. I have 12 RIR hens and they are laying about 11 eggs a day, but i have noticed that they are losing the feathers on their back. I picked up Josephine today and really looked at her back, the skin was smooth with no pin feathers at all, My roo really loves his ladies so is he pulling out the feathers are they molting or is something wrong with them, I feed them laying crumbles, some scratch in the afternoon and about once a week a big load of frest hay,Their coop is dry, and i keep DE in the hay in the coop. They look good, act good , is it something I am doing worng.[​IMG]

    Owned by 12 RIR, 1 pitt bull,1 poodle mix.1 yorkie,1 crabby gray cat andSTILL babysitting 1 great dane.
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    That's just roostah lovin...
    He'll rub all the feathers off their backs.
    You can buy "saddles" to protect their skin.
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    Jan 30, 2007
    Your rooster is overmating with the hens....this can lead to deeps cuts if they are not protected with chicken saddles or aprons or removing the rooster for awhile...I give my girls time outs from the roosters and keep them separated...
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