Molting or...?????


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
Chico, California
Hi everyone,

I came home today to find a trail of feathers (about 15-20 feathers over a 15 foot span). All five of my chickens came out to greet me. The feathers match my one dark brahma, so I inspected her.... no visible damage. It was enough feathers to make my heart race, I'm sure you all know the feeling. I'm in the middle of the city, it's 12:39 p.m. in the afternoon right now... cat and hawk would be about the only options for attack. There's a ton of cover around, and the cats all look scared of my girls... could she be molting? My girls are about 14 months old and have never molted before... could it be time???

Thanks for the help.

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