Mom, he's dead......


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Jun 1, 2008
My son(who is 13 today) closes up my coops at night. He comes in last night and tells me Nigel is dead. I just looked at him. I have had Nigel for 2 years, working on a project that has been difficult to say the least(he is an araucana). I finally hatched some chicks that I will hopefully have some pullets to continue this project. I was just shocked. I decided I need to see myself. I get the flashlight and head out, my 10yo son wants to see what happened so he comes with. We start getting close and 10yo says that's a weird way to die? (his leg was straight up in the air). As I get closer I just stare are him, then noticed his tuft under his eye moved. Upon looking a little better I realized the poor boy must have been fighting through the fence with my free range boy as they often do and got his foot stuck in the wire. I untangled him and he limped a little into coop, I will re-evaluate him today to make sure he only hurt his pride
My son tends to react(over-react) quickly and often gives me mini heart attacks, especially when he calls about the kids getting reason I just looked at him when he told me. I try to remain skeptical when it is about the animals
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he will be getting a new coop soon anyway...he's been in there 2 years with no problems, must be a fluke thing? they try to fight once a day usually. My dom roo is an ameraucana he's a wimp and just likes to get Nigel worked up...he would be in trouble if I ever let Nigel out
AFter a recent coon attack, I found my favorite girl splayed out in the dirt with all her tail feathers gone, her headwayyyy back and wide eyes.
I assumed she was dead - until I touched her! She SCREAMED! we rehabbed her and she is perfect again.

So nice yours was alive!
Yes, my girls always come running in the house screaming "MOM!!!" like they just discovered the whole flock mutilated, and I jump up running "What???" ..... "There's a lizard on the wall!!"""
The drama!!! They will be the early death of me, for sure!

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