Momma and three chicks, do I need to do anything?

crzy chkn ldy

In the Brooder
6 Years
Apr 9, 2013

I thought this hen had become food for some stray dogs in the
area but she was in the coop this morning with three little chicks.
Do I need to leave feed on ground for the chicks or will momma
take care of all that? First time I have had momma and chicks. I
have always been the momma. lol.
What a fun surprise!!!!
How cute, what a nice surprise. Do you use pellets or crumbles? If that is the feeder right behind the waterer, they can probably find enough on the ground from the other chickens tossing some out. You might leave some of the starter/grower crumbles out in a shallow pan near there for the chicks for a day or two if you want, mom will probably scratch it out showing it to them.

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