Momma Has 8 out of 11 Viable Eggs


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
Oreo just took a break and I was able to gather her eggs this morning and candle them, and I most definiately have 8 out of 11 very viable distinct veins! The other 3 weren't, 2 of them were just plain clear, the other one started to get 1 vein but I think ended up dying early on andf getting a blood ring because that one most certainly should have had the day 6 viability appearance as the 8 do. Hey, out of 30 eggs give or take for a 1st time mom, 14 of them are viable. Now to hope and pray everyone of them survives full term and hatching.
So now I have 3 batches 1-2wks apart, 1 single egg due next week, then a week later batch 2 that I pulled 5 are due a week later give or take, and then the batch 3 that I left momma to do on her own is due the weekend of the 23rd give or take. I could have left them all to sit on her own, but not being sure and not being patient to wait rather she'd go broody or not, I'm glad I didn't because I don't know if she'd really be able to lay on all 30 let alone 14. I think having 8 babies to lay on is good for her as a 1st time momma. I'm a happy, happy, lady!
Should I put these 3 back with momma or leave them as duds? There is no question 8 are extremely viable, these 2 small round blood rings, no veins branching off like you would see on day 6-7. Or should I hard boil them and give them to momma since she is working hard and hardly eating?
Toss them. They have already started something and the blood ring means its dead and probably contains bad bacteria. You don't want your duck to get sick from it. Another reason to dump them is that will eventually get so full of bacteria that they will explode and contaminate the nest and other eggs. This contamination can cause the others ones, which are well on their way, to die too. Don't risk it. I weed out bad eggs weekly. If in question you can wait another week, but don't wait if you know they are bad. It will not hurt your duck, if you take the bad ones out.
Yeah, I didn't put them back nor did I hard boil them. I wanted to wait for the expert to answer to be sure. Thanks, I know better but also 2cd guessing myself so thank you for confirming my gut feelings to dump them.

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