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10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
The kitchen is closed to all chooks,is what I would tell my darn chooks,IF they would just stop fussing long enough to listen...............
I raised 5 children and I never saw such fussiness while raising them! My SILKIES must think I do special catering to them and they only exist and can florish on whatever it is the latest request. All rejects are promptly disposed of and not hoarded for later on when I stop giving them the stinkeye! They get salmon washed off from those pkts ,brown rice,chick parfaits,tomatoes,cukes,sprouts, bananas,apples,applesauce,lettuce,cabbage,carrots,green peas,garlic,pumpkin ,blueberries,strawberries.................
They refuse potato,any bean ,fresh or can version,mango,sick of oatmeal so rejected,cheerios ,,parsley,broccoli and in a sprout form as well,celery,etc
All the food is chopped real fine,if I do not chop fine it gets tossed by all of them and pooped on so I end up taking our hard earned $ and wasting food!
Of course we compost but AFTER the chicken express.I need some new nourshing food ideas that worked and help the flock to be and stay healthy. I have 2 broodies who have really opened up a special can of worms,yes they love mealworms but cannot get it here on the island and to ship it all arrived deceased.The broodies are sitiing on an occasional egg and donations are welcomed and appreciated but they have to be hand fed when the stars are lined up to their get off their butts for the organic soyfree food fed 2 x a day,along with acv in water . I provide fine grit until I use up last box and then will get reg size grit. I provide calicum several times a week in a bowl for all that want/need it.The feed is 16 percent protein. One of my broodies has 2 "poop eggs" since getting broodie several days now. The 2nd time it happend the crew grabbed it befdore I could dispose of it . I did catch them eat one egg so far ans know for a fact it is the first time as I am with them and ck up on them very frequently day and night to monitor food intake and output,behaviors ,general health ,as well as they are cleaned up several times a day being careful to leave broodies out of the dust as much as possible. I leave a 40 watt light on to make up for the lacking hours needed to lay,no roosters in flock ,finally verified and noticed decrease in production of the 7 in the flock as well as one whitish shell on an egg,of course not knowing who is responsible. I welcome your input and realise raising my flock is an ungoing lesson in life as well as a barrel of laughs.......except when I am stumped!
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