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Aug 30, 2014
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I could really use some advice.

I have 3 Wyandottes and two hybrids. I have had the hybrids for about 3 months and they were laying when I got them.l One was laying larger eggs than the other but they are getting bigger and bigger and I'm really worried about the health implications!? She's the smallest bird I have but her ages are now more than double the size and some are the size of goose eggs.

The shells are strong and are increasingly misshapen at the end.

Is there anything I can do? Will this cause her to have a prolapse?

Do those eggs have double yolks in them? This is very common in the hybrid chickens, and double yolks are also common in the beginning. Yes, it can cause laying disorders such as egg binding, prolapsed vent, and other problems. It is just a problem with the super egg layers who deliver an egg daily. One thing to do is to not add extra light to your coop now or in winter, always provide plenty of water an extra stations, and make sure they are taking their extra calcium in crushed eggs shells, oyster shell, and on layer feed.

No they aren't double yolks and they don't have light in the coop. I don't let them out until 7am due to the proximity of my neighbours though at the moment it's light soon after 5.30.

They always have oyster shell available so I will try the crushed egg shells.

Thanks for the advice.


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