Mooooving Day...Will she cope??


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My classroom hatched, only chick, Speedy, will be moving in with another chick in May...not my idea, hubby's. By then Speedy will be 6 months old. Lucy, the other chick will be about 12 months old. She has a nice size coop and gets some human attention daily.

BUT Speedy has never been around other chickens before as she was the only egg to hatch out of the 12. For most of her short life she has lived inside the classroom and inside my home. I'm sure I have spoiled her. When I let her go outside to scratch around she soon comes to my door and calls to come back inside. She thinks she is a human since humans are all she's ever been around.

My concerns are:
-Will she be pecked and pecked and pecked?
-Will she feel desserted by me?
-Will she adapt to being a chicken after being a human for 6 months?
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My solution.....bring Lucy in the house!
Everyone needs a couple of house chickens

Is Speedy still going to be with you? or is he moving to a new house all together?

Sorry I cant be of more help in answering your questions though. My chooks have always had friends from the beginning, even if I had to buy more chicks. But I can see your concern. Hopefully someone with more experience in the situation can help.

I can say, you will probably never get over missing her. The couple of chooks that I was closest too still hold a piece of my heart, even though they have been been gone for awhile now.


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