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    Aug 31, 2014
    Little chick about 8-9 weeks old started to act mopey and sleeping a lot? I checked her bum and there is nothing stuck there but her embilical cord is still there and the other chicks it is pretty much gone . She ad been doing good and active like the others but okay when I cleaned the cage she wouldn't move even when I was touching her and the others ran for the hills lol! She's eating and drinking but then keeps going in the corner and sleeping . Her poop is brown and is going regularly but I'm worried because the first night of having them I lost one and it was sleeping a lot any suggestions
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    At that young age the first thing to do when you see a slow chick is get out the Corid and start treating for coccidiosis. Lethargy is the first sign and it progresses very fast from there. A chick that's slow in the morning can be dead by evening or the next morning.

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