More button quail color questions


9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Still learning my button colors wondering if you guys and gals wouldn't mind helping again. larger image here

ps one of those fellows doesn't belong can you guess which one

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Going row by row
1. Cinnamon red breasted hen
2. Silver
3. Blue Face Hen
4. Silver Male of some sort (pink feathers)
5. Black Face Red Breasted Male

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6. Silver Male
7. Silver
8. Cinnamon Red Breasted Male
9. Cinnamon Red Breasted Male
10. Cinnamon Red Breasted Male

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11. Cinnamon Red Breasted Male (Pearl)
12. Cinnamon Red Breasted Male (Pearl)
13. Silver Red Breasted Hen
14. Silver Red Breasted Hen
15. Cinnamon Red Breasted Male (Pearl)

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16. Cinnamon Red Breasted Pearl Male
17. Cinnamon Red Breasted Male
18. Cinnamon Red Breasted Male
19. Cinnamon Red Breasted Splash Male
20. Cinnamon Red Breasted Splash Male

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21. Cinnamon Splash Male
22. Red Breasted chick of some kind
23. Cinnamon red breasted hen most likely
24. Red Breasted
25. Red Breasted

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27. Red Breasted
28. Red Breasted
29. Silver cinnamon hen (ivory)
30. Red Breasted

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31. Red Breasted
32. Silver of some sort
33. silver of some sort
34. Red Breasted Hen
35. Red Breasted Hen

36. Red Breasted
37. Red Breasted
38. Blue Face Hen most likely
39. cinnamon red breasted Hen
40. Silver Hen
Thank you so much quailladyoffortmyers you have an awesome site for button information. This is my second year with buttons the first didn't go so well as I was misled into believing I could just let them out and they would stay around... I'm working on learning all the colors so hopfully I can quit bugging you guys soon :p I appreciate all your help. Is it possible to get buttons to breed true? would a male blue face and a female blueface make blue face babies?
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One of my little guys has curled toes. I never noticed until I was doing my 1 on 1 with them last night. Is there anything that can be done for this or is it permanent? also is it a genetic issue or could it be from not having proper humidity during the hatch?
I love all of those gorgeous button pictures. I never knew there were so many varieties and those are only the buttons
Is it possible to buy a book that includes all the different breeds and types of quail? That would be really useful to have around and would be a really cool read too
Thanks!! Will definitely have to see if I can find that book then
Will keep my hopes up that someone publishes a decent Coturnix book soon. Anyone want to take up the challenge?

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