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    So sclanimals and her husband fire fighting chicken came up from Utah to bring us chicks and an incubator this weekend. We had a great visit! They are wonderful people. She brought me the 4 silkie chicks and 2 millie fleur d'uccles from the eggs hatched from chellester's birds as well as 6 ameraucana chicks, 1 lemon blue ameraucana chick, 2 blue/splash orp chicks, 2 white orp pullets, 1 black orp chick, 2 turkey poults, and 1 duckling. Plus the incubator! I am going to set some speckled sussex and ameraucana/faverolle cross eggs tomorrow when we get the incubator all balanced! We are really thrilled with all these new babies! We went from 13 chickens to 48 chickens, 2 turkeys and a duck in two days. Hopefully the hatch in the incubator comes off without a hitch because there is a whole list of eggs I want to put in it in the future. Salamander has never been overly excited about my chicken addiction, but she talks like a completely different person now that we have a brooder full of chicks. [​IMG]

    Pics to come!
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    Mar 10, 2008
    Sounds exciting, looking forward to seeing the pics!
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    Oct 20, 2007
    Eastern CT
    Oh cool! A new incubating adventure to follow. Congrats on the new babies too!
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    Congrats! That's a good haul! Set some eggs!!

    Jared, please get the duckling a companion. Please. If it is a drake he can be viscious at mating time and will mate anything he can. They can injure and kill your hens if he chooses that a chicken is going to be his mate.
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    Buster Back to Work

    Quote:I definitely plan on it, salamander wants about six ducks so I better get down to the feed store for more soon. [​IMG]

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