more duck questions for the new duck girl.


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Jul 2, 2016
1. One of my ducks is missing all her tail feathers, now I know it's molting season but she is black and I don't see black feathers anywhere, only white from my anconas. She is in pretty rough shape feather wise, recently I adopted her. I don't notice anyone picking on her she actually seems to be the brat in the bunch. I give them fresh pool water daily and they have free reign on my property, what else could it be? I dont believe it's mites. She's also my best layer right now every morning 7am same spot and she is protective of her spot so I think she is in good health if she is still laying for me.

2. When will my drakes start perusing the ducks? They just started their first molt and their heads are starting to turn green, I think they're about 12 weeks old. I'm curious because I would actually love to hatch a few ducklings with my kids.

3. When I'm out watching my ducks every day when they're in the pool they open their mouths and it looks like they're cracking their jaws what is this? I can only compare it to myself when my ears pop I open my mouth and Crack my jaw to relieve the pressure. I hope that makes sense.
I think 3 is they are popping their ears, like getting water out of their ears. Mine do that sometimes.

Perusing - you mean mating? I would expect in the next few weeks.

Funny about the feathers - I would just give her the best nutrition possible, and I would add a tablespoon of good quality dry cat kibble for her daily.

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