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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mandolinmama, Apr 5, 2009.

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    How old(ish) will they be when they get their feathers?

    When do I have to stop worrying about them staying warm under a brooder light?

    How long do I feed starter to them?

    What do I feed them after they get off of the starter?

    I know that I've read that they are more hearty than baby chicks. How true is that? Because they grow faster?

    My kiddos are only a bit over a week old. I just don't want to jack up.

    edited because nobody deals with "sducklings" on here. ha ha! Type-o's are common with me.
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    They start to get feathers at about three weeks or so and are fully feathered by about eight weeks or so.

    They can be moved out from the brooder once they are fully feathered, or about eight weeks of age.

    You should feed them starter until they are about eight-twelve weeks of age.

    Once they are off starter you can feed them finisher or an egg layer ration, depending on what you are raising them for.

    I would guess they are maybe a little heartier as they do grow a little faster and they are prepared, feather wise for water, but other than that I am not sure on that question.

    Don't worry you should be fine. You can let them have a very shallow pan of water when they are about two weeks old to swim in, but make sure you watch them as they can easily become chilled.

    Keep us updated and would love to see pictures!

    You'll do fine!

    Best of luck,

    The Snyders

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