More Goslings!! (& some questions..)

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Bleenie, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Feed store just called, my 2 female White Chinas are in today! It's been a long wait, last week was the due date and they were all DOA [​IMG] talk about saddening. I have to get the brooder all cleaned up and ready for them, the 3 in there now have done a good job of making a BIG mess. [​IMG]

    I have a questions about my current pair. They are almost 7 weeks old now and there is a Very obvious size difference. Owen is much larger but he is very laid back and likes to hang out with the ducklings while Izzy is smaller but hangs more around the edge of the group and is more protective, even at this young age she's taken on 2 adult Muscovy drakes, numerous hens and my moms Pit bull(who about peed his fur!) for getting too close to "her babies".

    my sister says the females are more agressive so this is normal, but i have read conflicting things on here... what do you guys think?
    (oh, she isn't agressive to me/people, just protective of her friends that she's been raised with)
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    Quote:Both genders can run all the way from laid back to very protective. In my limited (4-5 breed ) experience larger breeds tend to be more protective than smaller breeds.
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    Sorry, I forgot to add that my current pair are also White Chinese. That's the only breed i am planning to have, unless someone gives one to me or one needs rescuing again.

    So a total count for me this year will be
    4 White Chinas (1m 3f)
    3 Brown Chinas (3f?)

    Pretty ridiculous considering I hated the last geese we had, lol. i kinda fell in love with Chinas though [​IMG] .
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