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    I have 3 age groups of chickens (1 RIR @ 1 yr; 3 Plymouth barrs @ 3 to 4 months; and 1 Americauna @ 2 months). The RIR has her own coop (the FIRST coop built), the 3 PB girls have their own coop (yes, we built another for them....but there's lots of room in it for the 'littlest chicken' too.) Little Chicken has been coming in at night to stay in the brooder (in my office). It's time for her to graduate to the triplets' coop. I waited until really late at night, when all were asleep, then moved Little Chicken into the coop with the other gals. No problem...all quiet. They were let out very early in the hassles.

    But.....tonight when dusk hit and everyone went to bed, little chicken needed help going to the coop (not surprising since its a new routine.). I put her inside, but the others immediately cornered her and started pecking. After rescuing her and putting her back in the brooder for the night...I'll try another late-night maneuver. I"m sure I'll need to do this for many nights, but....
    here's the long will I need to keep putting her into the coop late at night before they accept her and all is well? please don't say, "as long as it takes". My husband refuses to build a third coop (although, I really enjoy designing structures and playing with power tools...there is a limit, however).
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