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    I am still new enough here that searching can get a bit overwhelming. I did look, but saw nothing about my question perse...and I apologize because this is kind of a double post...edited and moved from a different thread for clarification...Ok, here goes. Our chickens will have a large run and a large coop. Both very immobile. The permanent run does not have much grass... So....we were going to build tractors for them to get out in the grass. Our tractors would be very basic no coop attached, just shade and water, and mobility to the good stuff.

    My question is.... if there is no platform/little house for the chickens to stand on/in, how do you move the tractor with the chickens without catching their legs or having some try to get out from under it while moving it? We were thinking about a slide-in floor for moving...possible? too dangerous? silly? Ideas please... these tractors will be for day use only. TIA!
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    Quote:Believe it or not they just walk along inside the tractor as you move it. Realio trulio [​IMG] The very first time you try it, it is helpful to have a second person with a pokey stick to shoo them along if they decide they'd rather camp out and get bulldozed by the back wall of the tractor, but really they figure it out quite rapidly and then you are good to go forever. You just have to watch what you're doing in case they have a moment of inattention [​IMG]

    They do not try to get out from under it b/c you do not raise any part of it that high.

    Have fun,

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    What an awesome tractor site. I want to build one with DD, no interference from the menfolk. I think that might be possible!
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    ahhhh! I get it now. My DH was right. heh...Thanks! And great site! very inspiring [​IMG]

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