More than one rooster

It depends. If the roosters were raised together, it helps. If there are no hens around, it helps. Some breeds are much worse than others. The closer to a game breed, the worse it is. If one rooster is already with a flock and you introduce a new rooster, it could get bad in a hurry.

It depends on the personalities of the individual roosters. If one rooster is clearly more dominant than another, it is possible they will settle into a partnership and do a good job working together protecting the flock. If one is a lot more dominant than the other, he will probably kill the weaker one. If the two are matched in spirit, they may well fight to the death to be number one.

Many people have two or more troosters with a flock. It can work out quite well or it can get very bloody. No guarantees either way.
Some do, and some don't. Depends on the nature of the beast.
agree with everyone... but I know in my experience I have never had a problem with 2 roostes together, but mine were raised together and took over when I lost my old rooster quite nicely... but it really depends
I have 4 silkie roos and a BO roo in with 1 Lt brama pullet 1 dark brahma pullet-1 mille fluer hen and 1 BO hen=they are 4 months old now and no issues to say as of yet- I hope to add a bunch of BO pullets when they are old enough!
My chicks are 4 weeks old and I'm Hoping for at least one roo. And was wondering If by some chance I end up with more than one what I should expect. Hopefully they get along If not I will make a adjustment.
It's supposed to be one roo to about 10 hens, although many here pen a roo and one or two hens together for breeding, without problem. I had 3 roos with 17 hens who free ranged last year and they did fine. One was dominant and the others tended to hang with their select group of a few hens. It will help a lot that you are raising them together. You will know if there is a problem.
I had 2 RIR roos that grew up together and there were never any problems. They got along just fine. Probably since they grew up together and were the same age.

Currently, I have 1 Silkie roo, 1 d'Uccle roo and a sebright roo. As it stands now, the silkie is head roo. The other two stay out of his way. I do plan on separating them if trouble arises though!

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