More things we've taught our goats...


15 Years
May 24, 2007
Some of you know that we've been teaching our goats how to be helpful around the ranch. They need to pull their own weight, you know.

So, here we are teaching them how to properly pack a truck. It's much easier to see and learn from up top and you can see the mistakes the people make better also...


And, they need to learn to eat healthy so we are teaching them about growing plants indoors. She's checking out the progress of a pepper plant here.... (you'll notice the broken out screen; thanks to our big scary watchdog who's terrified of thunderstorms and has gone through about every screen in the house to get inside during them.)


Here we learn how to sneak into the house, through the back patio door so we can help clean up when no ones looking. Ya right! (Again, notice broken screen, thanks to same dog mentioned above.)


And, we learned that if you become really good friends with the Rooster, maybe he won't start crowing at 4:00 a.m. to wake you up. Ya, good luck on that one.

LOL.very cute!...and yes, i find mine are ooh soo helpful also!!..
...very cute pics!..
Mine are helping me with pruning my potted plants, flower beds, vegetable seems they are masters at finding the weak spot in the fence around our yard. I will say that some of the plants actually look better now that they have grown back out after their "pruning"!

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