More water logged chicks! Help!


6 Years
Mar 18, 2013
Rockford, IL
I posted about this in the duck forum and I need advice on how to best try to keep my chick alive.

She and one of her sisters jumped in the duck water. I had reduced the level to 3 inches after one of meat birds drowned, assuming they'd be safe. They weren't. My oldest daughter got this one out while she was still flapping, the other wasn't so lucky.

We took the survivor inside, wrapped her in a towel and dried her off in front of a small space heater. She finally stopped shivering, starting chirping and flapping and walking on the counter. So we returned her to the coop. She's very very lethargic now. She ran for the food, but once she ate she started nodding off.

I expect to find her dead in the morning. We're so heartbroken. We had to cull one meat bird early on. Now two birds to drowning, and possibly a third. The ducks have to go...but...Is there anything I can do to increase the odds of her living or just bide my time?

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