Mosher Easter Egg Chicks - 15 to 16 Weeks


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013

Group Shot (I tried! :))

EE #1 Head Shot

EE #1 Side View

EE #2 Head Shot

EE #2 Side Shot

EE #3 Head Shot

EE #3 Side View

EE #4 Head Shot

EE #4 Side Shot

EE #5 Head Shot

EE #5 Side View

Hi everyone! I am new to the chicken world and have been going through all of these forums trying to sex my Silkies and EEs the best I can, but just want some opinions of others. The above 5 EEs are roughly 16 weeks old. I got them for a steal a few weeks ago because I am pretty sure the lady was freaking out that these were all roosters, although that's not what she said, of course. I am curious about #1 and #5 though. Let me know what you guys think!
Well, I think the lady may have been right. #3&5 I can't see the side feathers right, but the heads look like roos.
We kind of figured that. They may just be 5 dinners (Hence, the numbers and no names :)). #1 seems to have one row of peas on its comb while the others have three-ish and also it just seems to get more and more silver as its feathers change. Maybe I will take the camera out and try to get better pics. It could just be wishful thinking though! :)
You may want to give it a few more weeks before deciding but it looks like you got yourself 5 roosters. The only one im kinda iffy on is num 5 but the comb is so big and red for 16 weeks Im still thinking roo.
None are crowing yet. They all go up in the nesting boxes at night? A few just started getting their beards in the last week and all of their colors have started to change except the two black/white ones.
Yes, every one of those are cockerels. See the red feathers on the shoulders and in the wings, and how it's not part of the overall pattern of the bird? That's sex linked and can only occur in males.
So, in general, if the colors aren't all over the body it is a cockerel? Good to know. I have also read in other posts that black and black/white are almost always cockerel as well? I am thinking I will try to get a pullet or two for my egg laying stock and maybe hang on to one of these guys as well. In the meantime I will await for the Roo serenade to begin!

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