Most appropriate way to dispose of a dead chicken


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
North Central Texas
My sweet pullet is about to die. I'm wondering what most of you do with a dead chicken. I know we all have to deal with it sometimes. I live in a suburban area. Thanks
It might sound callous, but wrap well in several plastic grocery bags, then in a plastic trash bag. If it will be several days before trash pick up, or if you have varmit problems raiding the garbage can, you might want to place it in the freezer. Freezing it it will prevent it from becoming smelly. That being said, I am sorry that your pullet is dying. It is never easy to watch an animal get sick and die.
I agree with Baymule. The simplest way is to wrap the bird in a garbage bag and just throw it away.

Burying as another option as long as you don't have predators that will dig it up. Most of my pet birds from my layer flock that pass end up buried in my garden.

Another option is to dispose of in a fire. They burn up quick and don't smell if the fire is hot enough.

Sorry about your bird.
I bury pets and all chicks. We have a pet graveyard out near the coop. I usually place bricks over the grave for a while, but we've not had anything attempt to dig them back up.

Anything that isn't as special to qualify as "pet status" (for example roosters destined for the pot that don't make it to the table) is usually "fed" to the scavengers.

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