Most beautiful Buff Orpington Rooster, central North Carolina


Jul 24, 2016
Our Buff Orp was born March 2, 2016. He's the George Clooney of chickens. He takes his job very seriously, and we love him dearly. His name is Hero, he's my son's pet chicken. He's strong and brave and loves protecting his ladies. We recently moved from the country to the city and they have a no-rooster law here. Last night was our first night in our new house and the neighbors have already complained.

A few contingencies that my son has made before we can pass him along:
1. You need to love Hero
2. You cannot eat him
3. You need to feed him and give him water
4. You need to laugh when you give him watermelon
5. You need to let him do his job

Please let me know if you'd like our sweet Hero!
where are you located at in N.C. I am looking for a good rooster to watch over the flock of Buffs I am rebuilding. A bear broke into our chicken coupe and devastated what few birds I had left including my big rooster. I raise chics for eggs and not for meat I try to let them free range but after the death of my ol' lab "buck" the critters have taken advantage of his passing, between foxes, raccoons and now a bear it's been rough up here in the blue ridge. I have made counter measures to keep birds safe by adding reinforcements and electric fence to the coupe and we are looking for another pup for me to train to be a flock protector. If you are not too far away and think George Clooney would like to live in the Blue Ridge mountains of S.W. Va. on our small farm, let me know. If we do adopt George I think I can round up some watermelon for
We live in chapel hill, and are willing to meet you 1/2 way today or tomorrow? Do you want to switch to texting? I just talked to my 5 year old and he is excited that Hero will have a brave and useful job.

Hi --it sounds like a happy ending/beginning is in store! We would love to see updates on this story from both of you if you have time! Good luck Hero!!!

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