Most interesting hatching stories


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Oct 29, 2012
Tyro-Lexington, NC
This could be fun. I know that others have got to have some stories that can put a smile on the rest of us so I'll start.

We had one hen that decided that she didn't want her eggs collected so she hide and layed ONE egg in the spare dog house and sat on it. My dad (he lived next door) was surprised that she would go broody on just one egg and in the winter) so we let her sit even though we didn't think that she actually would have a chance at hatching it but we left her alone. Then we noticed that she was out of the house so we thought she gave up on the egg. We went to the dog house and found our CAT curled around the egg keeping it warm. From there on we saw the cat go in and he would keep the egg warm while the hen went to eat and scratch around the yard or whatever and he'd leave only after the hen "Relieved him of duty". They worked together and actually hatched a chick. They were probably the oddest "Couple" I've ever seen.
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