Motion light for night attack?


10 Years
Mar 21, 2010
Hi! We had an unfortunate event a little while ago where our electric fence was down and a weasel (we think) came in and killed all of our chickens. It seems that once awake and outside where there was some light, the rooster tried to put up a fight. So here is my question, If I were to put up a motion sensor light in the coop that would turn on if something came through the pop door, would it be enough light and be soon enough to allow the rooster to do any protection of the flock? I am reasonably sure he could have taken on a weasel during the day. Just a thought...any ideas?
It might help to keep predators away. We have motion sensor lights on all doors of our barn, no idea how much it helps really, but it seems to.
You might also think about one of those motion sensor sprinklers.....they are solar powered and come with a reservoir to hold the water, so you don't need a hose or electricity. I think they might have a light too, I can't remember, but we are thinking of looking into it, for wherever we might have a need. They are good for protecting gardens, too...Also we have night lights in our barn, with the same idea, that if a predator DOES get in, the chickens can see enough to get away from it, or whatever they think they need to do. Not sure we have any roos that would take one on, although they will sacrifice themselves for the hens. Not sure a rooster could fight a weasel...they are pretty efficient at killing quickly. But these ideas would all help keep them safe, I think.
I have a motion sensor light outside my coop, and it comes on and I see raccoons, tomcats, opposums on a regular basis. They don't seem bothered by the light, so I would not count on it to protect the flock. Can you make it so the weasel can't get in? I would get the fence fixed and charged and secure the coop.
Probably sounds silly but we use a radio. We change the station once a week. (.Don't know if that matters.) We only turn it on at night and this has worked for us for over a year now. We had problems with almost every critter known.
We use a radio also -- have it plugged into one of those lamp timer switches so it comes on at night--great for lights and warmers too

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