Motion Sensor Lights to Keep Away Coons?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by CourtneyMB, Mar 15, 2013.

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    ^ Link to Amazon's LED motion sensor light.

    Would several of these lights around the coop/run be enough to deter raccoons? What if I doubled this up with a motion sensor alarm?

    A couple nights ago I locked my girls up in their coop as usual, but this night just so happened to be Mr. Raccoon's chicken dinner Wednesday. He literally chewed through what I thought was my indestructible chicken coop wire and tore through the gut of my sweet BO girl. [​IMG] I loved that chicken, she was a family pet who would always run up to you and fly up on your lap.

    I've set the live trap up for the past couple nights but all I've caught is one feral cat which I've relocated (attacked chicks before, so it had to be moved). I swear I'll kill that coon when I catch it, I've been so upset about it. BUT I'm also sure this one coon isn't the only problem, living where I do there are hundreds of predators roaming at night. So I wonder if anyone has had any luck with lights or sound to keep pests away?
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    Most predators I deal with become acclimated to such devices. Upgrade your coop design with respect to wire as first step. You could also use a electrified fencing around perimeter of coop that raccoon must contact while chewing or climbing up on coop. It will not harm birds and can be turned off easily every time you take care of birds. It would provide protection for coop against predators you have not encountered yet.

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