Moulting & cold weather - do I need to do anything?

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    Dec 11, 2008
    I have two hens that are in the middle of a moult & the temperatures are supposed unusually cold for quite a few days (high is supposed to be 25 on Monday, lows nearing 20 degrees F). I am worried the moulter's are going to have a rough time, is there anything I can do? I am thinking of putting a light bulb in their henhouse but nervous about it causing a fire???

    Any good ideas?
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    Last year I had a little "sizzle" (silkie frizzle/cochin) who molted just about ALL the feathers on the top half of her body and she stayed like that for months!! I was even considering taking her to the vet's to see if she had some skin disease. Then, long about March, she began sprouting her new feathers and soon became a beautiful girl again. I didn't give her any extra heat, just a nest box to sleep in. (She didn't roost). I worried and worried about her but she seemed to have come through with flying colors. That's just been my experience. I live in No. Va. and the temps get as low as the teens in the heart of winter. You could put in a heat lamp if you wanted but I don't think it's necessary. Oh! I think I did put in one of those heaters with oil inside when we had a particularly hard cold spell (single digits). Those work pretty good.
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    Feeding a little extra protein & healthy fat would be good... Maybe some black oil sunflower seeds and/or some scrambled burger.
  4. Its snowing now and I have 4 molting,when its cold they usually stay inside the coop. I'm to afraid of fire to try to put a light there since i have a lot of hay on the floor.Since I have really been sick for the last month, haven't got the hay changed so should be pretty warm with all the heat the poo puts off. marrie

    Forgot, welcome to BYC
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    Dec 11, 2008
    Thanks for all the support & info - I have been a longtime member of BYC but for some reason, my membership keeps getting eliminated - I will go for months and months without looking...maybe I go too long between visits??

    I will load the girls up on warm proteins, oatmeal & corn & hope they make it through ok. Normally I wouldn't worry but my barred rock hen is in full moult & she is obviously cold...hopefully the small henhouse & the snuggling will pull her through with a full tummy of good stuff! It is only supposed to be a couple of days of really cold weather so relief is in sight & we'll be back to our normal 40-50's [​IMG]

    Thanks again,

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