Moulting hens or something worse?!


8 Years
Jan 16, 2012
My chooks are just a year old and i noticed one of them was looking a bit bare around her neck and assumed she was moulting. I checked her over and she was also moulting from her underbelly. I checked my other two hens and they are moulting from their underbellies too but no where else.

Ive read that hens have an order in which they moult but mine arent following this. Is there something more sinister going on or are they just moulting in their own way!?
Look to see if there are pinfeathers (new feathers coming in) if so, I would say a molt has started.
Would any of the skin go very pink? One of my hens is losing feathers on her chest, I can see the pin feathers I believe but there is an area that is looking pink & a bit irritated. One other hen, we have 3, has also started losing chest feathers & a few are starting to go at the top of her legs but her skin is pale & fine. We got our girls just coming up a year ago so this would be their first moult & our first time dealing with it! I’ve tried for ages to get a decent picture but unfortunately the pink area is extremely difficult to photograph as her remaining feathers are covering it up. I will attach the best I could manage in case it helps in any way. Thanks

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