moulting or feather loss due to mounting


8 Years
Feb 27, 2011
hey my chickens are a year old! in the last id say 5 months my chickens have started to lose feathers!...... some are rough feather all over the place others are in a select spot!!

please help ! thanks:)
It's quite possible you're dealing with both.

When my hens are bald on their backs (only) I know they are being bred more often than their feathers can stand. This back baldness has never happened to ALL my hens at one time........just the ladies that are my roo's favorites.
Sometimes these bald backed ladies also show some loss of feathers on their heads too. (Roo grabbing head feathers to begin breeding process.)

When my hens moult they loose feathers all over and tend to look 'ratty' all over. You'll also see their combs pale, lose their red color.
Is this molting or the lusty roo? I have 9 of my girls separated from the others in hopes that their bald spots will heal. Don't seem to be though and it has been a few weeks. Also, a couple of these girls that are separated from the others have a baseball size spot on their butts with NO feathers. I haven't seen any one in particular being mean so it has to be after I leave in the evenings that the butt pulling is going on.

Also the rooster in the back pen is loosing some of his feathers. Molting for him too since he is the big Kahona? Thanks for any suggestions.


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