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Hello! I've made this type of thread also for WingClan and FeatherClan and, now that there is a new clan, there's a new characters thread! This is where you post your MountainClan characters names. (Your characters from MountainClan ----> ) Or, If you want to make a new character on MountainClan (If this is okay with BirNut) you can just post the character details on here! Then just start RPing on the MountainClan thread. Go ahead! Post your characters! Just trying to help BirdNut keep track of his clan (his? right lol)

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Name: Mosspelt
Gender: hen
Rank: deputy
Appearance: Partridge Silkie
Personality: caring, loyal, honest, wise
Abilities: run really fast
History: came from a human coop as a chick
BYC Username: ChickieBooBoo
Breed(Optional): Partridge Silkie
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Thanks for helping, Louie. That's sweet of you.

Actually, I think it's a great idea to create a character and post it here. Then, it's less likely to get lost.
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Name: ArrowRun .
Gender: Hen.
Rank: Warrior.
Appearance: is completely red.
Personality: is calm and sweet but still has a protective side her.
Abilities: is a very quick runner and can see very far.
History: escaped from a coop a couple of months ago, has been wandering every since.
Other: is a bit shady.
BYC Username: crazyaboutchickens.
Breed(Optional): RIR.
Name: Arlanda
Gender: Hen!
Rank: Apprentice (who's can I be?)
Appearance: Arlanda is a small, fluffy RIR with interesting speckles on her neck.
Personality: A shy, but very courageous hen who has a strong sense of herself
Abilities: Flies very fast
History: She knows her mother lives in wingclan but doesn't know who she is.
BYC Username: Chookies

This is mine!!

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