mounting hot water thermostat


10 Years
Apr 8, 2012
Bogota, Col
i am wondering how people have mounted hot water thermostats in homemade incubators. i have looked at the pages here, and no details on how one is mounted. for testing/calibration purposes i used bailing wire, but i am looking for a more secure fastener.

Rush Lane Poultry has a half dozen videos on YouTube. Wonderful and instructional, covering every step. In the older videos, made a couple of years ago, he made several with hot water heater thermostats and does a good job adapting them for increased accuracy.

Those videos are well worth viewing a couple times. Rush Lane Poultry.
watched his videos, very informative. i guess i was just wondering if others have creative ways to attach the thermo. the model i have does not have screw ilets. i went with the slightly classier solution than bailing wire, zip ties. so yeah, it is secured, just not pretty, and a bit of a challenge to adjust. but it works. so yeah, anyone have picture of a great solution to attaching a thermo?

I use command strips... The ones that look kinda Like velcro but they "click" together. That way it can be easily adjusted. Works great.

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