Mouth Sore and Cross bite??


6 Years
Jan 9, 2014
This is an 8 week old Buff Orp.

Last night I noticed she had developed a cross bite in the past 24-48 hours, and today when I inspected more closely I see a real sore on the mouth along the left side. My hunch is that the cross bite is to compensate for the discomfort of the sore..

She seems to be interacting fine right now and i saw her eat some crushed grain.

Any thoughts on cause/cure?


sore copy.jpg

developed a cross bite in the past 24-48 hours
I see a real sore on the mouth along the left side

Can you get a photo of the underside of her beak on the left side and of course one of the right side too if possible.

Normally when I think of sores inside the beak Canker comes to mind, but this is a bit different. I have to wonder if she was injured somehow. It almost looks like there is a puncture (hole) and a small portion of the beak is broken away. Hard to see underneath, but looks like scabbing/wound on the underside too?

Let's get @Eggcessive and @dawg53 to take a look.

For now, if she were mine, if you are wanting to apply something inside the beak, I would make a salt solution of 1 teaspoon salt to 1/2 cup of water and apply with a qtip - very similar to what a dentist recommends when you have stitches inside the mouth or a pulled tooth, etc. I would probably just "paint" a little on a couple of times a day - don't let her drink the solution. An alternative which might burn is to paint on a very small amount of mouth wash.
Of course that's my idea - the others may completely disagree and come up with a better solution!


Good advice from Wyorp Rock to clean the mouth with saline. Are you certain the beak was not becoming crooked before? If it is like that suddenly, I would wonder about a fractured beak. It is very important that she get enough to eat. Moist or wet chick feed, made more interesting with a small spoonful of plain yougurt or scrambed egg would be good. Put her food in a deep sided bowl. She might be in a lot of pain if it is injured. An avian vet would be best to deal with a beak fracture. But if it is just injured on the side, it should heal soon. @coach723 might have more suggestions, since I have not dealt with a beak problem.
No Odor. Does look more like it got injured somehow, but I cant see how as she's been in a small coop with three other pullets without exception.

She seems to be eating and drinking and in fine spirits.

Thanks for the input

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