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May 8, 2012
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Hi all. Need some advice here. I would like to move my babies outside. My RIR's, SLW's are 3 1/2 weeks and LegH.'s are 4 1/2 weeks. They are in a large brooder that has open side (pic below) so that I can move it along side the main run later for introduction.
I live in Wa. State and it gets down on coldest nights now to 40's. The box has 250 watt infrared heat lamp for night time and if its really cold during the day. We put the whole box out on warm days so they can enjoy the sun and fresh air.
Sooo, are they ready to go out onto our back porch? I wont take them near my adult pen till they are fully feathered.

Howdy neighbor :) I've been on a couple other of these threads this morning and mine are going out :) Your brooder box looks very similiar to mine....I move it out during the day and back into the mudroom at night w/red 250 lamp..... I just moved the lamp up several inches yesterday, they seem to be doing ok, comfortable....
Yes,they do have a good majority of feathers. even in my garage I have been covering that front open side with a blanket to keep warm. I know they are comfortable because they sleep with distance between them not all huddled together but not running from the lamp either. They will be completely safe from predators also as their box is really sturdy.

Thanks for the info!
Mine look to be about the same age. We started taking them out last week during the day and giving them the run of a 10 x 10 chain link dog pen and took them back in at night. They loved it so much I converted the dog house to a temporary chicken coop so they could stay out at night. We finally finished the Chicken Taj Mahal last night and moved them into their new digs which they seem to love.

I say go for it, they will love the fresh air and sunshine not to mention the bugs to eat and the space to explore.
We put ours out in early march when they were 1 week old. Just had the heat lamp in the temporary coop with them and they did great. They were outside enjoying the sunshine when I thought it was too cold. I figured they knew what they were doing.

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