~Move on~A Otter Roleplay

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    These otters simply struggle greatly.A drought has hit.The waters dying out there's no water (Barely).
    The meat eaters are gathering getting what's left.The otters are there getting the water.The meat eaters
    are planning to attack the otters homes and eat them.Can they survive?They can't.Well at least that's what
    they figure.The otter leave in the pond and river that stands together.So they rangew greatly.In this case
    its bringing most of the ones who are scared,brave,tough,and smart together.the otters fight today!

    Animal Plot:
    Families of otters awaken looking at what their world is at.whta their future comes to.Three Otters talk.
    Today is the day!Three otters gather and collect certain item.The families are defending until other pond otter heroes arrive.
    They know the river otters are not too greatly brave nor very bright,but its for the best.Finally down the
    way comes 1 pack of youngsters.Future leaders now just young deputies in the area.Today we will,hunt,collect water
    and make fire and dens.They scattered around talking and getting busy.1 youngster thinks of what his little world
    is like.And what it was a LOOONNNGG time ago.But he needed to make the camp for the last days there.Other otters set off to find other places before this drought and meat eating flea brains come at them.Were moving on!He yelled he was a happy otter.

    BYC rules apply
    If your fighting,do it threw PM
    Be happy(No grumpy people aloud!)
    Be sure not to start RPING before I tell you can
    No cussing(I try to keep this fun and appropiat so if you do use F...)
    there is no limit to your otters,but if your not playing them please redo the form and delete the otter off\
    Have fun!

    Hunters:No limitt
    watch outs:No limit
    Warriors:No limit
    Kittens:No limit
    Breeders:at least 10 to 12 females
    Male Runners:These are males that run the danger off

    How to do
    Aging:1 year
    History:(Cant say

    Username:Troy 4

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