Moved to the city, time to build a coop :)


10 Years
May 10, 2009
East central MN
This is what I'm thinking.

Right now I have my chicks in a dog kennel and the two adult hens my cousin is giving me are coming with their small coop.

I plan on starting the build within the next two weeks and will keep you guys up dated.
I see that you do live in a land of snow...... so....

1. Make sure that you can open all doors even after much snow has appeared

2. Make sure that you have a snow free covered type space outside over the pop door to
a. encourage the chickens to actually leave the coop in the freezing cold winter
b. have an area snow and wind free that you could put food and water outside if that ends up being easier for you/less mess

3. if you have lots of wind, maybe a clear plastic panel on one section of the run for a wind free zone? again to encourage the hens to leave the coop

4. make sure that no vents cause blasts of air directly over the perch

Yep....think that's it!

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