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  1. Chiefs Mess

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    Feb 1, 2007
    Wonder if anyone has any suggestions or answers on moving a 8x6 shed, it was converted into a coop. Have no chickens in it for a good 4 years but starting back up. Unfortuntly we aquired dogs (one a Lab) and their pen is next to the coop. I know the Lab will try her darnest to dig and try to get the chickens once they are in the coop and run.

    So does anyone know if we use a F150 truck 8 cylinder (tows a big camper) can pull it. I know a tractor can do it but right now do not have the money to pay the person for his service on moving the coop.

    The only thing stopping me from getting chickens is where the coop is located at right now.

    Ideas [​IMG]

  2. Linzal12

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    Nov 26, 2011
    How far are you moving it, and is it across grass? If it is fairly sturdy and you get a good hook up point and about an 8' lead you should be able to slide it using plywood. You can use 2x4's with a fulcrum to pinch it up and get the plywood started under it. Then pull it to the end of the plywood and place another sheet between the shed and truck. Continue like that until you rech your destination, then use 2x4's to fine tune your final position.
    I also found this that you can use PVC with.
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    Had to move a 13' wide x 40' long RV shed. My neighbor did it with two garden tractors.

    Of course this one is much larger than your shed. However, I took a video of the move and there may be some ideas here to help you with your efforts.
  4. Pico de Gallo

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    Jan 18, 2012
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    Your truck can definitely handle the mass.

    What's the foundation? Substrate across which it's being dragged? Impossible to advise without knowing a bit more...

    I like the idea of using pvc rollers, I've similarly used 8" diameter logs with great success. Beyond that, all you need now is a loincloth, a pharaoh's headress and a bullwhip.

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