Moving a Duck with chicks after hatching

Connie White

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6 Years
Mar 22, 2013
Cedar Bluff, Alabama
One of my ducks decided to hatch out ducklings away from the barn. I'm scared to death that they'll get eaten - do I just grab her and the ducklings once born and put them in their own penned area? what if all the eggs don't hatch out at the same time?

Dolly Duck - upset that I took a pic!

Generally ducks will leave the nest within 36 hours of the first duckling hatching. When that occurs, if it were me, I would put her and the ducklings in a secure pen. Any unhatched eggs could be discarded or placed under a broodyhen or in an incubator. Good luck - she is a beautiful muscovy.
she's up on a ledge and has 10+ eggs - how long do I give for them to hatch prior to moving all? Then - do I have her some sort of specific type of area set up in the new pen - a cat carrier or big box area - privacy - and such. Any help is most appreciated!


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