Moving chickens 20 hours


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May 7, 2017
Hello i am new to the byc forums! I have a small flock of 4 hens. We currently live in CA and will be moving to AR by the end of next year so we have a bit of time to figure things out. It is a 20 hour drive.
My question is have you ever traveled with your flock? I have a dog kennel i can take them in but im trying to figure out how to transport them. Is it possible to keep them in the back of the uhaul or is that unwise? We have a truck im thinking maybe we can buy a camper and keep them in the bed of the truck but a camper is a bit expensive when we are saving to move. Any tips would be appreciated!!!
Hi and welcome to BYC. I'd say putting them in the kennel, in uhaul would be fine, but I'd include a stop every few hours to ensure that they can at least drink. I've not done it, but I know that other members have done so.

Best wishes

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