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  1. ukrkoz

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    Aug 30, 2014
    OK, it's still a logistics puzzle to us.
    We bought a larger property.
    Property already has a small coop and run that are most likely staying. They currently have 6 hens in there. I'd say, coop can safely host about 30, if a little packed. Run is fully covered, where property is, you can't let it not be covered.
    We have 102 birds. 31 quails and the rest is chickens.
    We have 10x10 shad as coop for main flock and 5 000 sf fully covered run for them.
    We also have what we call a kindergarten coop that used to host about 30 of them. That's where we keep little ones and small birds.
    Shad has 2 quail coops with runs attached to it, shad wall being coops' back wall. When i built those, we were not planning on moving. Quail coops are not weather proof as I built a large clear roofing canopy covering them and large "no rain" area in the kindergarten run.
    Shad/coop for large flock is about 900 lbs. Kindergarten coop/run is much lighter, it's about 6x6 and 4 guys can pick it up and load on say flatbed trailer.
    As of now, we have nothing to move quails into as current coops are attached to the shad. I mean, I can easily add rear wall, but that does not change the fact that they are not weather proof.
    I have about $3500 by now in all that backyard this and that.
    It's November, so it mostly rains here in Pac NW. Possession will be end of November.
    We are doing staged move, no rush, and can easily sit on 2 properties, as one is paid for. So we have time.
    My question is - what would you do? Take time and build new coops? We have very reasonably priced guy that can do it. Also, we by now know design flaws in what we have.
    Or, yet still move what we have? Moving shad willl be around $300, what beats building a new coop of course. Kindergarten coop/run we can likely move ourselves. Quails are the biggest unknown.
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  2. sourland

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    New Jersey
    If I personally had enough money and time, I would opt for the new coops with improved design. Congratulations on your new home, and good luck with the move.
  3. ukrkoz

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    Aug 30, 2014
    Thank you.
    Yeah, this might be the best option. I'll have to hire someone, I am not that good a builder. I "make" them, but it's definitely not a professional job.
    Then turn around and sell what we have on craigslist. Much less headache.
    Truly, we want 3 coops - quails>large birds>small birds + younglings. We have some breeds that can not be put together, they will be killed. Then I can do fencing and covering myself, that's easy. The only problem is I'll have to move netting and fencing from current to new, what will leave our birds here without protection for few days. But hey, they free ranged for a year before and we lost only one.

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