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Dec 26, 2015
Hi :)
I am a new chicken owner , live outside of Los Angeles, and have (6) 7 week old chicks (silkies, Easter Egger, and buff Orphington) it's been very cool where I am lately- high 50s/60s during the day and low 30s in the middle of the night and early morning. Is it safe for my chickens to be moved in the coop? Do you suggest a heat lamp? One in the coop? Or coop and run?
Please tell me your thoughts... I also don't know if I am supposed to close off the run at the beginning..?
Ps I am starting to wean them of the heat lamp in my house. Have been doing no lamp during the day and no lamp at night.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Mar 15, 2010
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At 7 weeks old, they should be fully feathered by now and not needing a heat lamp. I rarely have chickens in my house past a week old, and that's only if I have hatched them out myself. When I buy them, even as day-olds, they start out in the coop. I adjust the heat so they can be under the lamp or move away from it if they need to. I've had baby chicks out in the coop when the temps have been in the 40's. I usually have them weaned off the heat lamp by the time they're fully feathered. So, yes. Your chicks will be fine if you move them out to the coop. I can't say if they will need heat or not, since I don't know how warm you keep your house temperatures or what your coop looks like or how long it's been since you quit using heat during the day and night. I wouldn't have the lamp on during the day for sure. They can definitely handle 50's and 60's. At 7 weeks, they should be fine in the 30's at night, too. Too much heat is actually harder on them than cooler weather. You do not need a heat lamp in the run. They won't be out there at night, anyway. I would let them have access to the run right away. They will want some room to roam. I start letting them out in the run within a few weeks. Again, usually by the time they have all their feathers.
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