Moving day for some chickens


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Jul 29, 2012
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My Coop
So tonight as it got dark, I moved my 9 week old pullets into the big coop. They have been free ranging with the big kids for the last week. I needed them to vacate the grow-out tractor so I could move my broody and her eggs into it. So she got moved into that tonight too. She hunkered back down on her eggs after about 10 minutes. I will be going out to the coop around 5am to supervise them waking and make sure there is no major bullying of the pullets. The pullets were not allowed onto the top or middle roost, but are doing fine on the lowest roost. Hoping everything goes well in the morning.
Well my broody is staying on the nest in the tractor. The 9 week old pullets spent the first 2 nights on the lowest roost, but tonight they were on one end of the top roost. Yay. It has been raining pretty hard here and so the little ones wont come out and free range like the big kids do. But at least this has given them the idea that the coop is now home.
Yeah coop restructuring is often stressful. Usually it goes smoother in large numbers. I usually do the distraction method and add a new piece of "furniture" in the coop or add a cabbage ball when he newbies join the big girls.

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