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Jun 3, 2009
A week from this coming moday my chicks will be 14 days old would it be ok to move them in the chicken coop they have a good new coop. they wont be able to get outa the house but no one will be able to get inside to eat them either. they are just growing out of their brooder. the day time temp are in the mid 70s are 80s about every day with lows in the upper 60s.

as long as i would be the heat light out there for them.

I forgot to say thier is no other chickens in the coop.

thanks sam

sorry for the typeing
I just put my 4 weekers in yesterday, and I would have done it 2 weeks ago if the coop had been ready. Mine have never preferred any heat above 85--even when they were a day old--it was to hot for them. I'd say get a thermometer and check coop temps in the evenings for a day or two before you put the chickies in--my coop is wood and is south facing and definitely holds plenty of heat into evening. Also, remove their heat source (if any) for a few hours in the evenings with lower temps (assuming they're outside) and see how they respond to being without their heat. Mine slept in a big heap last night and everyone was perfect this morning, despite 65 degree temps, howling winds and buckets of rain (didn't mean to pick a weather-alert-filled day to do it, but oh well!). You could put your heat lamp in one corner, and they can adjust themselves if they're not warm enough. Good luck!
thanks for the post

thats what i was going to do is just put the heat light in a part and let the chicks pick were they what to sleep.

Sounds like you've thought it out pretty well. Do you have a thermometer inside the coop near the floor so you can check on the temperature inside? They should be happy at 75 - 85 during the day and could get under the lamp if they need more at night.

Good going!

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