moving eggs?

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  1. cbader

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    Jul 29, 2009
    Hi everyone,

    I have a broody hen that is sitting on two eggs for about a week. At first my husband and I thought that our rooster wasn't big enough to fertilize the eggs, so we ordered a variety of polish eggs for her to sit on. (which is coming in 2 days) Well last night we cracked open one of eggs that was laid yesterday only to find out that it is fertile. I hate to throw out the two she is sitting on, but I want her to hatch the polish chicks. My question is can we move the two to an incubator, even though she has been sitting on them already?


  2. mulia24

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    yes, you can. [​IMG]

    good luck and godspeed.
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    Jul 11, 2008
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    How fun! What kind are the mommy(s) and daddy? Keep us posted!


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