Moving - No chickens allowed in town - move my four ladies inside?


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Mar 3, 2019
Portland, Oregon
Yeah, I know this sounds crazy, but I have four 6 yr old ladies in a small outdoor coop. They are extremely healthy and have even laid 5-6 eggs during our mild CT winter without artificial light. I raised them since chicks and have had terrific luck with the girls. Now, I'm moving and the house I've purchased is in a town that only allows chickens if you have 3+ acres!! I don't want to give them away -- they are my girls! -- but I don't want to hide them in the backyard, either.

I have a very large, semi-finished basement, with a window that I'm thinking I could make a very nice indoor coop for them in. Nice thing is it is "walled off" complete with door to the general basement area and the exit goes to the garage, not into the house.

Prob. be able to "fence off" a section about 10' X 4' very easily at the end of the room - set up a roost with a poo tray under it -- bring in the shavings and a dust bathing area -- couple fun ladders, etc. to keep away boredom.

Any thoughts? I know they are happier outdoors, but they've never free ranged because of critters and two domestic dogs, so this space would actually be larger than their current coop / run combo... Has anyone seen a coop space designed for indoors? Love any photos out there... someone else MUST have had this problem.

Thanks everyone! Love reading stories and seeing pictures here!
Can you make a run with screening on the top and wood on the sides, Then they'll get sun and exercise and be out of sight, (you didn't hear if from me.)


May 19, 2015
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Keeping a few chickens inside is very well possible if the conditions are okay. Eg: Most chickenfarms have no possibility for chickens to go outside.

If you don't have them in the house but in a separated garage or souterrain I don't see a problem if you can make a few adjustments for light and ventilation.

How big are the windows? Can you open them for enough ventilation? Can you put hardware cloth on the window frames?
For more light you can install a daylight or grow lamp. This is a good replacement for sunlight. Healthy for the chickens and gives you the possibility to grow some greens. Use hwc to prevent damiging the roots.
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