Moving our Hens??

The Burg Peeps

Jun 9, 2011
To make a long story short, we were forced to remove our birds from our yard and placed them into a local CSA coop. We now are moving to an agricultural zone and were planning on bringing our birds back home. Recently we have discovered that the birds at the CSA are carrying lice. I believe there is intention to treat the birds with DE but there are 34 birds out there and a dozen or so members so I am not sure how well the execution of treatment will be. There hasn't been a plan discussed as of yet so I am not sure if we should bother taking our birds home at all. Our 4 ladies have meshed in well at the CSA and definitely have their pecking order established. I feel it may be best, regardless of lice, to leave the birds out there but I seem to have some emotional attachment to them since they were our first 4 birds and are the real reason for us starting our quest for some self sufficiency. We also wanted to increase the number of birds we have so we would need to introduce our older ladies to a whole new, younger flock if we were to bring them home.

With all the info... what would you recommend we do?? Take our birds home or start a new flock all together.


Nov 28, 2009
If you want them, I don't see why you couldn't treat them. It very easy to treat. Pretty much just your preference on what you would want to do and how emotionally attached you are. Good luck with what you decide :)


secretagent chickenman
Sep 25, 2011
anchorage, alaska
dust them with some sevin dust and bring as many of them home as you like. lice are easily treated this way. de is only a preventive measure at best. sevin garden dust works well also comes in a new liquid spray form, so no more dust. also available is poultry and garden dust that uses pymitherine as active ingredient.
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